Essential Features to Consider When Purchasing Line Marking Machines

Posted on: 9 October 2017


In case you are in charge of soccer fields in your school, community or soccer club, then at one point, you will be interested in the line marking machines. If you get into the market for new line marking machines, then here are some of the features you need to look for.

Compatibility with Multiple Line Marking Paints

For most of the line makers, you can always attach a can of aerosol line marking paint. Having the lever attached to the handle of the machine enables one to spray the paint with so much ease as they walk along the area to be marked. To get the most out of the equipment, there is need to get the line marking machine that can allow for multiple kinds of paint.

For instance, when marking the smaller fields or goal boxes temporarily, one can consider aerosol chalk that can easily be washed off after use. In some other instances like the premier football fields, getting permanent paints will be ideal. Compatibility and flexibility in use is an asset.

Stress-Free to Push

Given that most of the line marking machines are not motorized, it is necessary that one considers the ease of pushing them. Pushing will need the application of personal strength and if possible, the equipment needs to be tested by pushing it down the aisles of the store. 

Capability to store extra cans of paint

Without much concentration on the kind of paint that one uses, it is very inconveniencing to make several trips to the shed to buy more paint. Walking back to the shed is tiresome and time wasting. To prevent this, it is imperative that you buy line marking machines that have enough space to accommodate more cans of paint. Upon using a can and emptying it, one can easily pop in a new one and progressively mark the lines.

Consider Line Marking Machines with Wind Screens

Given that marking of lines is mostly done in open air areas, the wind can easily carry away the paint or even interfere with spraying. To avoid this kind of scenarios occurring and being confined to marking fields on calm days, one should consider getting line marking machines with windscreens. The shielding also helps in the efficient use of sprays as less of it may be wasted.

Having Changeable Wheels for Different Surfaces

With the wheels adjustable, it is easy to modify the height of the line marking machines and push it over different kinds of surfaces. For example, one can adjust the wheel after marking a grass field and still use the line marking machines to mark car park or even the synthetic turf field. Most of the graco line marking machines have the adjustable wheels. 

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