Turf Grass Selection Guide for Your New Natural Lawn

Posted on: 28 February 2022


Need turf supplies for your natural lawn? A successful natural lawn installation project requires choosing the best turf variety for your specific needs. But with the many different varieties of turf offered by turf suppliers near you, picking one type of turf over the others can be a daunting task.

The best way to determine which turf type is right for you is to understand the selection aspect of your lawn. Here are some critical factors that should influence your choice of turf grass for natural lawn establishment.

The climate of your area

Like other plants, natural turf grasses depend on good weather to grow healthy and remain lush green throughout the year. However, the different natural turf grasses differ in their water requirements, as well as the need for sunshine.

If you live in an area that doesn't receive a lot of rainfall during the year and want to save water on irrigation, going for a drought-resistant turf variety makes sense. If you reside in a sunny climate, choose turf grass that greens up well from maximum sun exposure.

The level of maintenance required

All kinds of natural turf lawns require maintenance to remain beautiful and healthy. However, they differ in the level of maintenance that they require, with some turf varieties needing more attention than others.

When you are choosing turf grass for your lawn, think about the frequency at which you'll be required to undertake maintenance on your lawn. Some grass varieties require a higher level of maintenance than others. Make sure you choose a grass type whose maintenance requirements you can keep up with.

The amount of traffic you expect to receive on your lawn

The more people step on the grass in your lawn, the more it will wear out. However, the rate of wear may vary greatly depending on the type of turf grass used. Grass types that wear out quickly may not be ideal for high-traffic applications.

The texture and thickness of the grass

How your lawn feels below bare feet describes the texture of your turf grass. Is the texture soft and comfortable or sharp and ticklish? For instance, if you want to create a lawn for your children and pets to play on, you'll need to pick a grass variety that has high wear resistance and creates a thick, soft carpet below the feet.

Choosing turf grass for a natural lawn is a task that you must do correctly to increase your chances of a successful lawn establishment. That said, you can always contact the experts at your local turf supplies company if you need professional advice on which grass type to choose.