Earn Rave Reviews for Your Outdoor Dining Space: 3 Ways With Custom Patios

Posted on: 22 November 2021


As you know, when it comes to your restaurant business, attracting and serving more customers is key to profitability. No matter the type of establishment you run, creating an outdoor experience that offers year-round seating can have a huge impact on your customer base and encourage raving reviews that can open up new avenues of revenue. Once you nail down food quality, price, and excellent service, it's time to look for other ways to improve your establishment. Whether you have a small backyard or a sidewalk, installing a custom patio can be one of your best assets in creating the perfect balance for your establishment. 

Why Custom Patios Make Sense? 

There is something appealing about dining outside in the sun or shade and with constant airflow. It offers your customers a chance to slow down, relax, enjoy warm breezes, and dine to the sounds of the outdoors in the background. There is also something about dining outside that makes food taste better. Maybe it's the charming atmosphere, free vitamin D, the upscale outdoor patio, or perhaps it's the relaxing yet energizing backdrop. Whatever the reason, a beautifully designed patio will have your customers planning their next visit before they finish that last cocktail. Here are three ways you can go about adding an outdoor space for your clientele.

Front/Sidewalk Patios 

Sidewalk patios or front patios located near the main entrance of your restaurant are one of the easiest ways of offering your customers a great outdoor dining experience. A custom installation, seating arrangement, and theme guarantee everyone walking past your business is enchanted by the space and the sight of happy customers dining outside. Offering a few tables under patio umbrellas, a canopy, or an awning should do the trick when creating an outdoor space for onlookers and diners alike. 

Rooftop Patios 

A custom rooftop patio is perfect for restaurants in urban areas where space is limited for outdoor seating. In addition to the open-air ambience, expanding upwards offers a bird's-eye view of the spectacular local skyline while enjoying a meal. You can go the extra mile with creative lighting, such as tealights, lanterns, candles, fairy lights, and more, to help with your patio's ambience. 

Backyard Patios 

Backyard patios are a staple in many residential settings and can be customised to achieve the same effect in a restaurant setting. If your business is lucky enough to have a side yard or a generous backyard, adding multiple custom patios can add an air of exclusivity for your customers and create a growing interest in everyone who hears about them. As word spreads, your patio will be the next hot trend in town as patrons line up to gain access to your much-discussed custom space. 

There is no doubt that custom patios will enrich your clientele with a unique dining experience, not to mention the high return on investment. Enlisting the help of highly qualified patio contractors is a good start as there are many variables to consider when designing your new addition. 

Talk to local contractors to plan your custom patio.