How Roller Shutters Will Protect Your Business

Posted on: 24 October 2017


Whether you run a small salon, hotel or multi-million dollar business, security is one of the major concerns for everyone. Vandalism and theft can set your business back a lot of cash and also put your employees in a state of fear. One of the best methods any business owner can use to protect their business such apart from security alarms and guards is installing roller shutters on the doors, windows and walls. Here are some of the things that these fixtures can protect your business from:

Smashed Windows

One of the most vulnerable parts of a business structure is the windows or glass doors. Glass can be broken by thieves trying to get inside the business or by stray rocks or bullets. The best way to ensure your glass windows and doors are safe is to have shutters in front of the glass. Roller shutters will not only help you avoid expensive replacement costs but also keep the glass in excellent condition and your stock safe.

Street Graffiti

Do you hate those buildings that are painted with ugly graffiti by strangers? Demonstrators and idlers can decide to paint your business on one of those horrible days. Having shutters cover your business will ensure the integral structure is not painted. Shutters will be easier to clean or paint over plus you can just lift them up every morning, and nobody will see the ugly graffiti or paint.

Grime and Dirt

Every business that is in front of a building is vulnerable to extreme dirt such as dirty water, mud, and puke if it's close to a bar or nightclub. While you can probably protect your glass and doors from such dirt when you are open, it's impossible to keep such people away when closed. Roller shutters are a great way to keep your business clean. You can choose thick shutters that completely cover the front side or transparent ones that allow people to see the window display even when you are closed.

Fire Damage

Fire grade roller shutters can significantly protect your premises from a fire. These shutters can withstand a blaze for about four hours before it's able to go inside and burn your stuff. If you cover the entire business with roller shutters, you can be assured that your premises are protected from the fire until the emergency services arrive.

Unlike other methods of enhancing security in our business, shutters are very affordable and easy to maintain. They also add some aesthetic appeal to your building and increase the lifespan of your windows and doors.