Indoor Storage Tips For Your Racing Yacht during winter

Posted on: 28 October 2017


Given the rising cost of recreational facilities and sports equipment, it is significant to ensure that you properly take care of your yacht during the winter season. When you take the required precautions to store your yacht, you save thousands of dollars and time that you would have spent on repair. The best storage location for your yacht during winter is a covered location. If you have a garage for your yacht storage, here are some of the tips that you need to ensure safe storage:

Follow up on the Manufacturer's Manual

Before you think of considering indoors storage for your yacht, make a follow up on the manufacturer's manual. Manuals offer recommendations on the winter storage directions. Some of the information on the manual include the extent of care that the yacht will require during indoors storage. Safety of the yachts often differs depending on the materials that are used to make them. The right directions for storage are contained in the manual. Going through the manual is one safe way of ensuring that you take into consideration the necessary precautions when storing the particular kind of yacht.

Consider Safe Location

When choosing the indoor storage facility for your yacht, consider a location that is theft free. Your indoor facility needs all time monitoring. Monitoring is facilitated by the surveillance cameras that can keep away potential thieves. In fact, you can consider removing any electronic system within your yacht prior to storing.

Ensure all Requisite Maintenance are done

When using your yacht in the fall, it goes through some wear and tear. Before storing your yacht indoors during winter, ensure that all the necessary maintenance are done. Lack of doing the storage maintenance is likely to worsen the state of your sports facility during winter. You cannot wait up to spring to address the maintenance issues.

Ensure Proper Cleaning

Before resorting for indoor yacht storage, clean your sports facility. Cleaning of all the surfaces ensures that you keep away any kind of stain away. Indoor storage of yacht with any kind of dirt is likely to damage it. After washing, proceed to wax all the surfaces of your yacht. Proceed and cover the yacht properly to ensure that it is kept of any kind of dirt within the indoor storage facility.

Change Hydraulic Fluids

Before getting a storage facility for your yacht during winter, it is necessary to check all the hydraulic fluids including the engine oil. It is advisable to store the yacht with an empty oil can. This will ensure that any risks that may arise due to inflammable nature of the oil are reduced. Check the coolant levels in your yacht and top up when necessary.

Considering the above tips will for sure guarantee a safe storage of your yacht during winter.