Using Key Cabinets to Manage the Security of Your Business

Posted on: 15 January 2018


What most business owners don't realise early enough is that they will need to work with a lot of keys. From vehicle keys to the keys that access various office locations, keeping these items safe and secure is a top business concern. In addition, you will also need to find the right key at the right time to avoid delays.

So how do you navigate this jungle of keys as a business owner? Key cabinets come in handy to enable you to arrange your keys in a secure location. A key cabinet is a secure housing that provides a great place for you to store all your keys. The cabinet itself can be locked in a variety of ways to ensure safety, and a locksmith can design a key cabinet that is adapted for your specific needs.

Key cabinets for vehicle keys

If you have a business that operates a large fleet of vehicles, having a key cabinet for your car keys is essential. A wide cabinet frame with a deeper body is great for these applications as it allows for keys of many different sizes to fit easily inside the box. The box/cabinet should also have hooks and labels that enable you to easily locate each car key when it is needed.

An important feature that a key cabinet for vehicles needs is a key deposit slot. This ensures that people can return the vehicle keys after use without having access to the rest of the cabinet. In addition, an electronic locking mechanism can ensure that only specific persons have access to the entire key cabinet. A locksmith can assist you in designing a key cabinet for your fleet of vehicles.

Key cabinets for offices

If you need to maintain access to a variety of office locations, a key cabinet also comes in handy. This also applies to hotels and apartment complexes, where there are different rooms that need their keys stored safely.

For these applications, safety becomes even more important. The keys should be kept in a spacious cabinet that is properly labeled for easier management. To lock the cabinet, advanced methods such as combination locks and biometric systems should be used. This ensures that the cabinet doesn't fall into the wrong hands, which can prove quite costly to the business.

A locksmith can provide critical guidance from designing the locks themselves to securing the key cabinet from being tampered with. And if any of the keys fail to function, the locksmith is available on short notice to fix the locking mechanism and restore access to a particular room or office location.