4 Issues to Fix Before Installing New Kitchen Unit Doors

Posted on: 23 March 2018


You can give your kitchen a new look by replacing the unit doors with new ones instead of spending a lot of money to replace all the cabinets and cupboards. However, you should address any underlying issues before installing those new unit doors. This article discusses some of the issues you should address.


Check the units and find out whether their frames are still firmly anchored. Loose units may need to be replaced because they could have reached the end of their expected service life. You should only install new doors on those units after you have found a solution to the looseness. For example, you can use fasteners to make the joints firm again.

Water Damage

Examine each of the kitchen units carefully in order to identify any that may have signs of water damage, such as crumbly sections and discolouration. Replace such damaged units with new ones before you install the new doors on those cabinets. Leaving water-damaged units isn't a good idea because mould and mildew may thrive in the damaged material.

Sufficiency of the Storage Space

Think about the storage space which you currently have in your kitchen. Is that space enough for your needs? Your next steps will be influenced by the answer to that question. For example, you can go ahead and buy the new unit doors in case you have enough storage space in the kitchen. However, it may not be wise to simply replace the existing unit doors in case you desire to have more storage space. Discuss with the unit door supplier and find ways to fit more storage units within the available space. The appropriate doors can then be selected for the modified units in your kitchen.

Condition of the Wall

It is also wise to inspect the wall behind the cabinets and cupboards in your kitchen before you order and install new doors on those units. Does the wall show signs of deterioration, such as cracks? Fix those issues before the new kitchen unit doors are installed. This will avert any damage that would have occurred to those doors if you attempted to repair the wall after the doors have been installed.

Identify and address the issues in the discussion above before the kitchen installation is done once the new doors are delivered. Work with a reputable supplier so that the new doors can be installed properly to make your kitchen look brand new.