4 Key Steps to Finding the Right Land Surveyor

Posted on: 17 March 2019


A land survey offers a landowner that binding and certified evidence of the legal and right boundaries of a property. It also provides the rights associated with the land and record of its current condition. All these assessments are required in case the boundaries of the property changes or if the property use changes like altering or adding a building, fence, easement, driveway or any other feature. Banks also need the services of land surveyors in case a property owner chooses to refinance their home. Boundary discrepancies can cause problems when verifying the land a homeowner is entitled to.

So, if you require the services of a land surveyor, which steps should you follow to make sure you hire a quality one? 

1. Get key documents before the search 

Before you start searching for a land surveyor, consider making copies of the property's documents. In case you have some existing plot maps, ensure you review them before meeting a surveyor – the experts can offer answers to any questions you may have regarding the same. Note that most plot information and maps are mostly found with the title insurance papers.

2. Search local surveying firms and surveyors

The internet has become an essential tool for seeking potential surveyors. Feel free to use it to find several potential surveyors. Most local surveyors have websites that offer a lot of information about the companies and their team. If you can't find local surveyors, just conduct a general state search, and you will get some surveyors and their contact details.

3. Draft a list of licensed expert surveyors

After conducting your search, create a list of all the licensed surveyors you would like to have a one-on-one meeting with. To make sure a surveyor or surveying firm is licensed, just contact the licencing board in your state or use the state's site to check the credentials.

4. Organise a meeting with the surveyors

Having created a list of licensed surveyors and confirmed their credentials, it's time to contact them. On each meeting, ensure you describe the kind of work you have. Also, ask key questions that will help identify the kind of service a specific company can offer. There are some main indicators that will tell you that you have found an efficient surveyor, determined to offer quality service. For instance, ask about the kind of marking tools and type of monument they provide, if they are insured, how long they have been offering the service and client references.