Why You Should Invest in Stocktaking Software

Posted on: 5 February 2020


Of course, when you compare any manually operated task with the automatically operated version, you might find that the automated option makes work easier and saves you a lot of time and money. This is certainly true for working with something like stocktaking software. Here's what you should know about stocktaking software:

Makes Work Easier, Minimises Errors and Saves Time

Think of the manual process of taking stock and the amount of work it requires. Stocktaking software just needs to be programmed, then you can start scanning your products, either by their serial number or a generated code.

The product is registered by the software, and when it is sold, it is removed from the "in stock" category and moved to the "sold" category. This is a fast process and leaves no room for human error because a machine makes the calculations.

Save Your Money and Minimise Theft

You don't have to employ many individuals to help with the stocktaking process, meaning you save on labour costs. You also minimise the chance of theft. Sometimes, especially for large stores, if there are too many people handling stock intake, you might end up missing some stock due to theft. Stocktaking software and security can help prevent theft.

Features of Stocktaking Software or Equipment

Try to avoid looking for shortcuts; free stocktaking software may not be best. Good stocktaking software might cost you some money, but this depends on the features it has.

Carefully consider how you want to take stock and what data you want to take; this will help you know the features to look for.  Some stocktaking software can even generate your business financial report, meaning it does your business finances for you. You don't have to hire a finance person, which means you save some money.

Find stocktaking software that alerts you when your stock is almost depleted via email or message. This way, you are always fully stocked and your customers don't have to wait for the next order to come through.


Do not go looking for stocktaking software based on price. As indicated above, your needs should come first. Identify them and then start looking at the costs and additional benefits of a particular stocktaking software. The stocktaking software company should be of great assistance at such a point. Ask all the questions you might have, and do not purchase stocktaking software that does not meet any of your needs; you might regret it afterwards.