Benefits Of Hiring A Licensed Land Surveyor

Posted on: 24 June 2020


If you are buying a property to renovate it or develop it in the future, you need surveying services. Land surveyors deal with a variety of projects, including designing existing infrastructure, construction, land and building development and environmental measuring. Surveyors help determine the land size and topographic heights. The advice of a surveyor guides the work of architects, engineers, developers and geologists. Here are the main benefits of hiring a licensed land surveyor.

Measurement of Land

Many people resort to land surveying services before land subdivision. Surveyors use special equipment like electronic theodolites, levels, global navigation satellite system units and tapes to measure land and identify boundaries.

After a survey, the professional will create a plan for you. Also, a land surveyor can lodge the subdivision plan with the relevant state government department. The boundaries are then registered by the surveyor are recorded in your state's land information system. The land information system is where you find information on ownership of property, easements, survey field records, survey plans and boundaries on government and privately owned land.

Determining Easements and Rights of Way

Many developed areas have easements and rights of way to allow state, county and city workers to build infrastructure. In some cases, a piece of land may block access to another property. The owner of that land may require an easement so you can gain access to the property without trespassing.

An easement is a right given to an entity or person to use a parcel of real estate they don't own. For example, many easements are paths or roadways through the edge of personal property. An easement allows outsiders to access areas behind or within the property for right of travel or any other reasonable use.

Legally Binding Reports

Some people hire unlicensed land surveyors only to realise later, during property disputes, that their reports don't hold any weight in court. It is okay to hire non-licensed surveyors for other forms of surveying like monitoring, environmental, engineering and existing conditions surveys. However, if a surveyor's report is to serve as evidence, then you need to work with a licensed surveyor.

It is unlawful for anyone who is not a registered surveyor to conduct a survey of property involving property boundaries. Registered land surveyors are charged with managing and protecting territory and state cadastre. Therefore, only a surveyor who is registered is legally accredited to perform a survey that marks or identifies boundaries on your property. 

For more information, reach out to a land surveyor.