Outboard Motor Spare Parts That Boaters Must Have Onboard

Posted on: 27 August 2020


Good boaters carry spares. The adage is common among experienced boat owners, and for a good reason. See, a boat's motor components break down from time to time, even with proper maintenance. Such scenarios are not a problem if they occur when your boat is safely docked or during routine maintenance. However, if an outboard motor gives up while at sea, then it's a different ballgame altogether. Therefore, a serious boater must be prepared for such scenarios, and it means carrying critical outboard motor spares on board. This article explores such spare parts.

Pump Impellers

Taking care of your outboard motor is crucial; otherwise, it will end up in a junkyard. However, since a motor produces heat during operation, there is very little you can do to protect the water pump impeller. Since impellers easily break down when subjected to excess heat, it is advisable to have a couple of spares onboard. You might need more if your boat runs on more than one outboard motor. The good news is that water pump impellers on outboard motors are inexpensive and easy to replace. All you have to do is remove the water pump housing, uninstall the broken impeller, and insert a new one.

Fuel Filter

Experienced boaters understand the pain of riding out to sea with an old and overwhelmed fuel filter. Not only does it allow debris in, but it also lets seawater into a fuel tank. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to detect defects in a fuel filter, especially if you do not use your boat regularly. The reason is that fuel filters deteriorate progressively, and before you know it, your fuel tank is filled with water and debris. Since an outboard motor will not run on gasoline mixed with water, it is essential to have spare fuel filters at hand.

Hose Clamps

A network of hoses feeds an outboard motor with fuel and water (for cooling). Over time, the hoses wear and begin to lose their grip. When this happens, an outboard engine will start leaking, thereby causing a significant drop in fuel levels. It can be a problem if you have been out at sea for long and do not have enough fuel for the return trips. In such instances, you need something to hold worn and loose hose connections temporarily, and hose clamps do this well. Throw in several clamps in your toolbox, and you do not have to worry about loose hoses and leaks.

For more information about spare boat parts, such as Yamaha outboard motor spare parts, contact a local boat parts supplier.