Three Must-Have Features for a Strata Management Software

Posted on: 29 October 2020


Strata management is the way to go for investors who want seamless service provision and supervision of their real estate property. Your top priority should be working with strata managers who bring innovative solutions meant to give you the best customer experience. Modern strata managers go as far as ditching the paperwork for tech-savvy alternatives, which works in your favour at the end of the day. The right software will give you an easy time to know the ongoings on your premises. However, you can only choose the best software if you know the features they should have. Here is a discussion that will enlighten you on the must-have features for efficient strata management process:

The Software Should Optimise Communication

There are three parties involved when it comes to your property. These are the tenants, strata manager and the property owner. If you have a strata management company overseeing your property, the software should facilitate communication among all three parties. It should come with an online portal that enables secure two-way communication between the property managers and your property managers. 

Ideally, the information exchange should have an end-to-end encryption feature so that any sensitive details shared between the two parties do not find their way to the wrong hands. It can also provide an escalation feature where your tenants can send messages to you for issues beyond your strata manager's jurisdiction. An interface that optimises communication makes it easy for everyone to signal problems and solutions for a remarkable customer experience. Ideally, the software should allow the use of multiple languages.

The Software Should Prioritise Maintenance

Commercial property encounters lots of wear and tear during regular use. Therefore, it helps to have software that allows you to organise and oversee maintenance. A good maintenance organiser allows you and your strata manager to do several things. It can extend an interface to your workers, allowing them access to relevant tasks. First, you should be able to see the creation and allocation of work orders. This feature allows you to see the areas prioritised by your strata manager on maintenance. Secondly, the building maintenance interface should give you visibility by allowing the strata manager to upload pictures, videos and leave comments about the ongoing maintenance work.

The Software Should Prioritise Inspections

Regular building inspections are essential for complying with relevant state requirements. They also enhance safety for the occupants. A good strata management software comes with a building inspection interface that can convey metre readings, take pictures at regular intervals and send reminders about upcoming maintenance procedures.

To learn more, reach out to a local strata management service.