3 Reasons to Buy Rare Earth Pot Magnets

Posted on: 22 March 2021


While you can use rare earth magnets in their natural state, you can also buy pot magnets. Here, a magnet sits inside a steel container such as a cup or disc.

What are the benefits of using pot magnets?

1. Boost Magnetic Strength

One of the main advantages of rare earth magnets is their durable and strong magnetic force. However, there may be times when even these magnets can't deliver the magnetism levels you need.

Sometimes, you get around this problem by using a bigger magnet. However, that might not be a viable solution if you have size restrictions in a part or product. If you use a pot magnet, then you have a better chance of getting the magnetic force you need without increasing your magnet size. The pot that the magnet sits in gives it a magnetic boost.

For example, a steel pot case will focus a magnet's force to one side. The magnet doesn't have to share its force on all its sides when it is in a cover as its magnetism is concentrated into one area. So, this area becomes more magnetic. You get the extra strength you need without having to use a larger product.

2. Protect the Magnet

Rare earth magnets aren't indestructible. They might contain a great magnetic force, but they are prone to some damage problems. For example, some rare earth magnets, like neodymium, can be brittle. If they get a knock, they might chip or crack. Or, they might rust if they get damp or wet. Unfortunately, if the magnet loses some surface area or breaks, then you'll have to replace it. Surface corrosion can reduce magnetic strength.

However, if you use a pot covering, then the magnet is encased in a more robust material like steel. The pot's outer casing protects the magnet. It won't come into contact with anything that might break or corrode it.

3. Reduce Purchasing Costs

Pot magnets can be more cost-effective than regular magnets. In fact, adding a pot to the mix might allow you to use a smaller size of magnet. When the pot concentrates magnetic strength into one area, it also boosts the strength itself. If you can use smaller magnets, you'll reduce your purchasing costs. Plus, if your magnets last longer because they have casing protection, then your replacement costs will also go down.

To find out more about the benefits and uses of pot magnets, contact rare earth magnet suppliers.